Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lake Day

It is taking me a while to get moving on this blog thing.  This week has been chaotic!  Swim team practice just started for the girls and it is every night of the week - two different times.  This is great for them, because one can swim while the other is at practice and vice versa.  We also have other activities that haven't yet ended, such as dance and softball.  I LOVE letting my kids try as many activities as they can, but it does lead to a little chaos around here.   Having a toddler adds to the complexity, but I just found out that he is going to love going to the pool this summer.  It was hard tearing him away this evening.

An other note, I received my first box of goodies (Unit 1) from the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) and began my work immediately!  I am so excited to keep going!  So far so good.

Here are some photos from the past weekend:

The photo above was entered into the weekly photo contest.  The theme was yellow.  You'll see the same flower below .. as I kept trying different approaches to this theme.  I also had my daughter lie in a field of yellow weeds (um, I mean beautiful flowers), but I didn't like those as much!

Knock, Knock - I have a present for you!

First ski of the seaon

The yellow flower - again!

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