Friday, July 1, 2011

School's out!


My girls go to a year round school, which, for the most part, is great.  They have breaks in October, January and April when other kids are in school.  This means we can go to Disney World when it is not so crowded or hot!    And when I get realllllly tired of packing lunches after 9 weeks, we have a break.  It's very nice for those reasons!

But I do wish they had a little more time in the summer.  They have 4 weeks - the month of July - only. 4 weeks to go to summer camp, go on a family vacation ('cause that's what you do in the summer!), do swimming lessons, hang out with friends, go to the pool, have sleepovers and buy supplies for the next year. Not enough time to get bored, but not enough time to really enjoy the lazy days of summer.  For them or for me.

So I have not planned anything extraordinary for our 4 week summer.  We have family coming to visit for one of our weeks, which will be tons of fun.  Other than that, nothing - nada.  We are not taking a family vacation this summer (bummer!).  We'll try to do this in October.  Maybe we will get to experience those lazy days of summer and maybe we'll get bored.  Maybe then, I will go back to loving our year-round school schedule.  Maybe I am already starting to get crazy as I hear the girls fighting at this very moment!  On second thought, is 4 weeks going to be too long???

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  1. Your girls are too cute! This is such a sweet photo of them together. I love the soft colors. I hope you have a nice four week break. We have a typical nine week summer break and it's going by way too fast! It would be nice to vacation while everyone else was in school though.