Tuesday, March 6, 2012

IHF {Beautiful Black & White}

I Heart Faces is changing their format a bit.  Instead of weekly challenges, there is now going to be one big monthly contest.  The first place winner will receive a prize!!!!  How exciting!  There will also be an end of the month 'just for fun' contest.  I so love IHF!  The theme for this month's contest is Beautiful Black & White.

Here is my submission and one of my most favorite recent images of Emily.  I was practicing with window light and my little model was helping me out.  I just love her sweet little pout in this picture.  And you can't tell here, but that pout is covering her super sweet toothless grin - I'll save that for another post!

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. Such a pretty portrait...you seem to have captured her in a wonderful mixture of sad and bored :)

  2. Pretty girl.

    I have a black and white Wednesday photo contest every week. You should so enter this shot!


    Merry Christmas!

  3. Very nice portrait here! Great expression, composition, and tone!


  4. Beautiful and soulful B&W! her eyes draw you right in.

  5. So perfectly dreamy- I love how it makes me really want to know what is going through her mind. Well done.