Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project 52 Week 12: Hunger

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

Wow - week 12 already!!! Time is really flying by for me this year.

I really did not have any idea what I was going to do for this week's theme.  None.  And I know nothing about The Hunger Games (other than the movie comes out this week!).  I almost was going to skip it.  Then my daughter brought home her Weekly Reader News magazine from school and on the front cover was a story about the growing hunger problem in the U.S.  The article states that more people visited food banks in 2011 then ever before.  Some food banks had to reduce the number of items people could have because of the demand.  The article goes on to tell kids how they can help:  Hold a food drive, get involved (local soup kitchens, etc.), spread the word about hunger in your community.  I want to help. My first step was to dig into the pantry.  The next step will be delivering and donating to the Food Bank.  We need to fix this problem.


  1. Good for you! Last year we had more food drives than I remember. I always keep a stocked pantry to donate extra food. Glad to see that Weekly Reader is still a part of our schools! I used to love that when I was a child.

  2. You are right. Many people rely on food pantries.

  3. I had no idea what to take a picture of either! So nice that you decided to help! If we all do a little, then we can make some changes!

  4. With the economy as it is many more people are relying on food banks. Good for you.